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Language Arts - Writing

The Writing Den



The English Chick

Here’s a site that presents a manageable number of commonly confused words in a user friendly way



Discovery School’s Puzzelmaker

Make a word find for homonyms



Macro Polo

A collection of educational web site. There are specific based lesson plans, student interactive content, downloadable worksheet, and links to panel-reviewed web site and resources. It is fabulous.



Language Skill Book 830 Usage

A wonderful book put out by Steck-Vaughn


Professor Darling

A site for quizzes and grammar charts





Spelling Quiz

This is a neat online spelling quiz with many online options that I saw on the Missouri site. It is “cute” and would need to be presented as such for adults.

Interactive Grammar


The Guide to Grammar and Writing

Is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation. This grammar resource site has links to interactive quizzes and some really good PowerPoint presentations, one of which addresses the basic structure of good paragraph. The authors got a little carried away with animations and sounds, but the instruction is worth it.



Essay Writing


This site teaches basic essay and includes sections on brainstorming for ideas, organization, etc. The good stuff is further down on the page, so scroll down and see what all it has to offer.


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