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Sentence Basics Quiz

Sentence Basics


Chapter Review Quiz


Choose the best answer to each question.

A sentence must contain which of the following?
Need a Hint?
A) a subject and a fragment
B) a subject and a predicate
C) a predicate and a pronoun
D) a compound subject and end punctuation
E) a verb and a predicate

What does the verb in a sentence tell you?
Need a Hint?
A) whom or what the sentence is about
B) where the subject is
C) how long the predicate is
D) what the simple subject is
E) what the subject is or does

Which of the following words is a linking verb?
Need a Hint?
A) gives
B) runs
C) seems
D) watches
E) counts

What is the subject of the following sentence?

George and Brian, stop feeding Patches catnip.
Need a Hint?
A) George
B) Brian
C) George and Brian
D) you
E) Patches

Which version of the sentence below uses commas correctly?
Need a Hint?
A) The lettuce and the spinach have been rinsed, dried, and chopped.
B) The lettuce, and the spinach have been rinsed, dried, and chopped.
C) The lettuce and the spinach, have been rinsed, dried, and chopped.
D) The lettuce and the spinach have been rinsed dried and chopped.
E) The lettuce and the spinach have been rinsed dried, and chopped.

Which of the following nouns is plural?
Need a Hint?
A) imagination
B) leaf
C) ostriches
D) alarm clock
E) central processing unit

Which sentence below does NOT use capitalization correctly?
Need a Hint?
A) Oswald is going to Alaska in August.
B) Does it seem that winters are getting shorter?
C) Tom has an appointment with Dr. Eddins on Thursday.
D) The presidents of six companies are at this banquet.
E) The red cedar river overflowed its banks.

Which of the following sentences uses the possessive form correctly?
Need a Hint?
A) The Joneses' house has been painted blue.
B) There are two hydrogen atom's in a water molecule.
C) The Ortiz boys say that bike is their's.
D) The womens' basketball team won the championship.
E) The tigers' leg was injured.

Which of the following is NOT a subject pronoun?
Need a Hint?
A) I
B) she
C) we
D) him
E) they

Which sentence below uses pronouns correctly?
Need a Hint?
A) There's a disagreement between him and I.
B) Angie made lunch for Barb and her.
C) Them and their families went on vacation.
D) Kevin and me went fishing last week.
E) The Steiners and us share a backyard.

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