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Data Analysis Quiz 2


Contemporary's GED Mathematics

Jerry Howett

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability


GED Practice Quiz


Choose the one best answer to each question. When you have finished the quiz, click on Submit Answers to receive feedback and results. You may also choose to e-mail your results to your instructor.

Questions 1 and 2 refer to the following bar graph.


How much money does the company plan to spend on advertising by direct mail?
Need a Hint?
A) $13 million
B) $15 million
C) $17 million
D) $20 million
E) $24 million

The company plans to spend the least amount of money on what type of advertising?
Need a Hint?
A) direct mail
B) magazines
C) newspapers
D) radio
E) television

Question 3 refers to the following line graph.


Approximately how much did the cost of Soft-Glow Wax increase from 1998 to 1999?
Need a Hint?
A) $0.20
B) $0.30
C) $0.35
D) $5.38
E) $5.68

Question 4 refers to the following circle graph.


What percent of the industry is handled by Jet Messenger Service and Air Express together?
Need a Hint?
A) 16%
B) 23%
C) 35.5%
D) 60%
E) 63.5%

Mrs. Hawthorne had bowling scores of 132, 146, 121, 118, and 138. What was her median score?
Need a Hint?
A) 121
B) 126
C) 132
D) 135
E) 138

Manuel ran in three marathons during the last four months. His times were 2.1 hours, 2.6 hours, and 2.5 hours. What was his mean time?
Need a Hint?
A) 2.16 hrs
B) 2.4 hrs
C) 6.12 hrs
D) 7.2 hrs
E) 21.6 hrs

Gabriel had scores of 82, 85, 87, and 92 on his typing tests. What is the lowest score he can get on his next test and have an average of at least 87?
Need a Hint?
A) 86
B) 87
C) 88
D) 89
E) 90

Mrs. Greaves' digital watch has a display for seconds, as well as for hours and minutes. What is the probability that the display for seconds will show 35 when Mrs. Greaves suddenly decides to check the time?
Need a Hint?
A) 1/60
B) 1/30
C) 1/15
D) 1/12
E) 1/3

Mr. Howard has 3 red shirts, 6 yellow shirts, 2 blue shirts, and 1 green shirt in a drawer. If he selects a shirt at random, and without looking, what is the probability that it will be a blue shirt?
Need a Hint?
A) 1/12
B) 1/6
C) 1/4
D) 1/3
E) 1/2

An orchestra is made up of 28 men and 32 women. If a member from the orchestra is chosen at random, what is the probability of selecting a woman?
Need a Hint?
A) 1/60
B) 1/32
C) 1/28
D) 7/15
E) 8/15

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