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*Remember that you can always come in and use our computers if you are having difficulty at home.


8/4 - Week 1

  • Set up Gmail Account, and send a confirmation email to ulawrenc@temple.edu so that we have your email address on file.
  •  Complete the 3 Training Courses on ALISON (alison.com) Send a confirmation completion page to Ms. Lawrence at the above email.
    • ABC IT
    • Gmail (in addition to setting up your gmail account) 
    • Intro to Information Technology
    • Typing Skills (optional) 


8/11 - Week 2 

  • Follow the instructions here: Accessing GED Connection to set up your account with GED Connection
    • Be sure to choose a teacher- NEW! YOUR NAME IS LISTED BELOW WITH YOUR ASSIGNED TUTOR (Denyce Smith, Brian McCabe, Allison Harris or Enea Mile), so that all of your work can be tracked.
  • Complete Math Packet given out in class 
    • ALERT: ASSIGNMENT CHANGED: It has come to our attention that the last 2 pages of the packet do not match the rest of the packet, so please just answer the questions on those first 14 pages, and we will go over them in class on Wednesday.)
  • GED Connection Reading Assignment
    • Unit 1 - "The Story of An Hour," Part I - Activities 1-5 (each activity has about 5 questions)
      • Follow the link above, or... 
        • From your Homespace, click GED Connection on the right side of your screen
        • Then, select Language Arts: Reading
        • Then, at the bottom of your screen, you will see Learning Modules Unit 1: "The Story of An Hour," Part I 
        • Click on Activity 1, and answer the questions in each box provided.
        • Repeat for Activities 1-5, and remember to SAVE after you have finished each answer. 
  • Practice Multiplication Tables! 


8/18/10 - Week 3

  • Complete Math Packets - Whole Numbers (Multiplication) and Division
  • Unit 3 - "Their Eyes Were Watching God," Part 1 - Activities 1-5  (each activity has about 5 questions)
    • Log in to GED Connection in a seperate window before clicking on the link above, and it will take you right there! 
    • Exact same instructions as last week's (see above)
    • The link to the story is broken, so you can read the story here:  http://bit.ly/af78mX  

This link is to the whole book. For your homework this week, you only need to read Chapter 1; it goes up to page 11.


8/25/10 - Week 4

  • Complete Math Packet - Fractions
  • Complete Grammar Packet - Grammar and Usage, Part Two


9/1/10 - Week 5 


  1. Finish Fractions worksheet
  2.      "Understanding Decimals" handout, pages 64-65
  3.      "Decimals" handout pg. 36-37, #1-24, then word problems 1-8, do as many of these as you can
  4.       3rd decimals handout-all problems
  5.       Percents handout


Week 6

Math assignments:

1. Complete all math packets and handouts and bring them all next week to class. The packets I'm looking for are 1st GED packet, three separate decimal packets, fractions, whole numbers, division, and the percentages handout.


Reading Assignments:

  1. GED connections-reading- Unit 12-Nonfiction
    • Read key ideas, complete activity, and take quiz
  2. Complete your journal entry


Week 7:


Math assignments:

     1. Measurement handout: please complete any questions you can based on what we've covered in class and we will go over it next week


Reading Assignments:

  1. GED Connections-Reading- Unit 13-Fiction
    • Read key ideas, complete activity, and take quiz


Week 8


Math assignments:

  1. Finish measurement handout.


Reading assignments: 

  1. GED Connections assignment-Reading, Unit 14, Poetry, read key ideas, complete activity, and take the quiz


Week 9:


Math assignments:  

  1. GED Connections assignment-Math, Lesson 33-35 Measurement and geometry, read key ideas, complete activity, and take quiz. Be prepared to discuss these assignments and problems in class.


Reading Assignments:

  1. GED connections assignment, Writing: Conjunctions, Pronoun-Antecedent agreement


Week 10:


Math assignments:

  1. Finish Order of Operations handout
  2. GED Connections:Lesson 34, 38-39 "Formulas, Algebra, and Special Topics"...read the key ideas. If you want to move ahead, complete the activity and quiz for this section also.


Reading assignments:

  1. GED Connections-Reading-Unit 15-Drama, read key ideas, complete activity, and take the quiz


Week 11


Math assignments:

1) GED Skill Book Handout...complete all odd numbers on pages 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 24,

2) For people who want to move ahead, you can also do pages 25, 26, 27, 33, and you can also do the even numbers on each of the homework pages if you like.

REMEMBER- odd numbers only.

3) Finish any old handouts and put them in your folder on Wednesday.


Just a Note:

Also, it's time to take your learning into a higher gear...Let's start really studying hard and getting prepared to take the test in the near future...make a tutoring appointment if you do not understand ANY of the homework.

Everyone of you will pass the test, but ONLY with YOUR hard work and determination.

Have a great week everybody.


Writing Assignments:

1) GED Connections, complete each of these if you haven't already

  1. Capitalization
  2. Spelling
  3. Mechanics

Week 12

Math assignments:

1) Finish working on the assigned pages from last week's packet

2) GED connection's assignments-Read all key ideas, complete activities and take quizzes for each of the following assigned lessons

Lesson 28-29-Number sense and problem solving (if not completed already)

Lessons 30-31-Decimals/Fractions

Lessons 32 -Ratio/proportion/percent


Reading assignments:

GED Connection's assignments-Read all key ideas, complete activities and take quizzes for each of the following assigned lessons

Lesson 12-Nonfiction

Lesson 13-Fiction

Lesson 14-Poetry

Lesson 15- Drama

If you have already done all of these assignments, then you're caught up on Reading assignments


Please Note: All students should drop your current tutor on PBS literacy and select Brian McCabe as your tutor. If you already have Brian as your tutor, then you don't need to do anything, thank you


Test taking tip of the week-- Don't spend too much time on one problem-your score is determined by how many questions you can answer correctly.

Have a great week everybody.


Week 13

Math assignments:

1) Continue working on the GED Skills math packet. By this point, you should have completed up to page 20. If you are done up to page 20 and want to move ahead, that's great- go as far as you can.

2) GED connections assignments:  

What you should already have completed:

Lesson 28-29-Number sense and problem solving (if not completed already)

Lessons 30-31-Decimals/Fractions

Lessons 32 -Ratio/proportion/percent

If you have not yet completed these activities, you are behind and need to catch up ASAP.


What you need to complete within the next two weeks:

Lesson 33-35- Measurement and Geometry: read key ideas, complete activity, and take the quiz.

Lesson 36-37- Data Analysis and Statistics: read key ideas, complete activity, and take the quiz.

Lesson 34,38-39- Formulas, Algebra, and Special Topics: read key ideas, complete activity, and take the quiz.


Always come to class with at least one question about something that you didn't totally understand from the math packet or the GED connections assignments.


Writing assignments:

1) GED Connection's assignments:

Please first read Internet Activity 2-passing the GED Language Arts Writing Test

What you should have already completed:

Lesson 9-Capitalization; lesson 9-Spelling; lesson 9-Mechanics; lesson 8-Conjunctions; lesson 8-Pronoun and antecedent-agreement; and lesson 10-Essay

If you have not completed the above activities, you are behind and need to catch up ASAP.


What you need to complete within the next two weeks: Lesson 9-Commas; lesson 7-grammatically correct sentences; lesson 7-sentence and paragraph development


**Please make sure you complete all of the above writing activities. We will be working on building our five-paragraph essays over the next few weeks to prepare you for the actual GED writing test.

As you have read in Internet Activity 2, you will need to write an "expository" essay that is grammatically and structurally sound to pass the writing test. By completing the above activities and practicing your writing frequently, you are improving your chances of passing the writing part of the test.


As always, set up an appointment with me if you need help improving your writing.


Test taking tip of the week: Be prepared! Please don't make the mistake of waiting until the week of the test to make tutoring appointments for things you don't understand. Now is the time to get see me about things you do not understand-not the day before the test.


Week 14

Math Homework-Please complete the rest of the GED skills packet and come to class with any questions that you have.

Some of you still have not completed all of the GED math sections; if you are one of those people, please get caught up this week.

Please visit webmath.com; this is a great website that shows you in detail how to solve many types of math problems.

Writing Homework- Please read over the five paragraph essay and transition handouts so you are prepared to work on your essays next week.

Take a practice test here if you like --->>>http://www.4tests.com/exams/examdetail.asp?eid=38


Week 14

Math Homework-complete fractions handout

Writing Homework-complete paragraphs two and three of your essays


Week 15

Math homework-please complete the following handouts: fractions, geometry, algebra

Also, catch up on GED connection's assignments-all unit activities and quizzes should be completed.

Writing homework-write the fourth paragraph of your essay.


For students who have not passed the social studies portion of the GED, please do GED connections and read internet activity 16 "passing the GED social studies test.

Then, do internet activity assignment 17-Themes in US history-read key ideas, complete activity, and take  quiz.

For students who have not yet passed the science portion of the GED test, please go to GED connections and read internet activity 22 "passing the GED science test".

Then, do internet activity 23 life science-read key ideas, complete activity, and complete quiz.



             **********REMINDER-NO CLASS ON WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 24TH***************

For tutoring help, come in on Monday, November 22nd if you need help with homework assignments. I will be there all day from 9am -7 pm.


Have a good holiday everybody =)












Tutor Brian McCabe

  • Patricia Paige 
  • Andrea Bailey 
  • Brenda Stanfield
  • Marie Betts
  • Lisa Outlaw
  • Eileen Sharper







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