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Accessing GED Connection

What is GED Connection?


GED Connection is a multimedia learning system that helps adult learners advance toward their GED. Combining video programs, print, and online computer technology, GED Connection helps learners develop strategies and practice for success on the GED exam. By using GED connections, you can complete practice tests online and receive credit for participation out of the face to face classroom time. All of this will  be saved  to your own online portfolio. You will need to register and create a home space before you can use GED Connections.  


Accessing Your Own GED Connection Home Space


1. You will need to click on the link http://www.pbs.org/literacy to access the log in/create an account home page.

2. Click on the "Create an Account" tab which will bring you to the registration and log in page.

3. Completing the registration page is required. You will be asked to type in your first and last name, your zip code, and your email address. You will then have to choose a username and password.

4. After re-entering your password you will click on "Learner" and then click the "Submit" button.

5. This will take you to your "Home Space".  Once you are there, you will see the word "Teacher" in the left hand column.  Click on this.

6. You will be prompted to choose a state.  Choose Pennsylvania.

7. Next you will be asked to choose a program.  Choose Temple University School of Social Work.

8. Finally, you will be asked to choose a teacher.  Choose your tutor's name (see the list below).


You are now ready to begin exploring the GED Connection site!






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